Microsoft word 2007 Introduction + Description Menu Bar[Part-2]


Bullets : Through this, we can give Bullets in selected text paragraphs.

Numbering : Through this, we can give number in selected text paragraphs.

Current List : Through this, we can give Bullets, Numbering, in selected text paragraphs.

Decrease Indent : By this we can decrease the selected text which has already been increased.

Increase Indent : Through this, we can increase the selected text.

Sort : Through this, we can arrange the selected table type text as A to Z and Z to A.

Show/Hide : Through this, we can show / hide spacebar, tab & enter in open page.

left Align : By this we can align (equal) the selected text to the left. It’s shortcut key Ctrl+L=Left Align.

Centre : By this we can align (equal) from the center of the selected text. It’s shortcut key Ctrl+E= Center Align.

Right : Through this, we can right align (equal) the selected text. It’s shortcut key Ctrl+R= Right Align.

Justify : Through this, we can align the selected text from both right and left sides. It’s shortcut key Ctrl+J= Justify Align.

Line Spacing : Through this, we can give space in a line of selected text. Its shortcut key ki (Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+5).

Theme Color : Through this, we can add color to the background of the selected text.

Border & Setting : Through this, we can give border and setting in selected text.


Styles : With this option, we can give headings 1,2,3 etc. in the selected text.

Change Style : With this option we can change the style of the selected text.

Home Menu→Editing Block

Find:- With this option, we can find the word character and sentence to a word from the opened text. Its shortcut key Ctrl + F.

Replace : With this option we can replace any word, character and sentence etc. from the text taken in the open page. This shortcut key (Ctrl+H).

Go to : When through this option, we can jump curse on any page line, foot note, book mark etc. in the open page. This shortcut key (Ctrl+G).

Select all : Through this option, we can select open page work. This shortcut key (Ctrl+A).

Select Object : Through this option, we can select the object created in open.

Selected text with similar formatting : Through this option, we can select all the text written in open file with the same formatting in one go.


Inside menu→page block :

Cover page : By this we can take cover page in open page.

Page blank : By this we can have a blank page in the open page.

Page break : By this we can break the page into open page. Breaking the text into different pages. It has a shortcut key(Ctrl+Enter).


Insert table : Through this option, we can create a table in the open page.

Draw table : With this option, we can draw the table in the open page according to our own.


Picture : Through this option, we can take a picture in the open page.

Clip Art : Through this option, we can insert clip art in the open page.

Shape : With this option we can insert shape in open page.

Smart Art : Through this option we can insert smart art in open page and insert typing and picture in it.

Chart : Through this option, we can insert a chart in the open page and link to the Excel sheet.


Hyperlink : By this option we can link one file with another file. For this, we select that word in the open page. The word we have to create a hyperlink.

After the hyperlink is created, the color of the words becomes blue with which one file links to another file.
To open the file, we will click the word with the mouse with Ctrl. Shortcut command (Ctrl+K)=hyperlink.

Book Mark : By this option we can insert bookmark in open page. For this, we place the curser on that text. Which we have to create a bookmark.

After creating a bookmark, when we select that bookmark and click on goto, our text curser automatically reaches the text or line of which we have created the bookmark.

Cross Reference : With this option, we can connect the previously taken heading to the table of content. Etc. can be linked together.


Learn About Right Hand Click (R.H.C) tool..[part-2]

Align to the grid:- With this option, we can arrange the icon placed on the desktop in an alignment. By checking this, when we move an icon, it aligns in its line and when unchecked, we can place it wherever we want.

Show Desktop Icons:- With this option, we keep it on the desktop. Can show and hide icons. Applying a check on it shows icons placed on the desktop and disappears when unchecked.

Refresh:- Through this option, we can normalize the speed of the system or it increases the speed of the computer.

Paste:- With this option we can paste any cut and copied folder or file on the desktop.

Paste Shortcut:- Through this option, we can create a short cut copy of the cut and copy of the selected folder and file.

Undo:- Through this option, we can connect the last given command.

a. Undo Rename b. Undo Delete c. Undo Copy d. Undo Move

Undo Rename:- From this, we can fetch the previous name of the previous file that we have renamed, or cancel the command.

Undo Copy:- With this, we can delete the last copied file again.

Undo Move:- With this, we can return the last moved file to its previous location.

Undo Delete:- This allows us to revert to the last delete file.

New:- Clicking on it will open a sub-menu in front of us. Through which we will see many options.

Folder:- Clicking on it will create a yellow folder in front of us. In this folder, we can place folders, icons, files, etc.

Shortcut:- Through this option, we can create shortcuts to the selected folder or file.

Text Document:- Clicking on this option will create a file in front of us. We can write any name on it as soon as it is created.

Tips:- If we want to put a file folder and icon in another folder etc., for this we will grab any icon and file and put it in the folder in which we have to keep it.

Properties:- We use this option to change the settings of our desktop such as background, screen saver and Themes, etc. Clicking on this will open a dialog box in front of us.

Themes:- With this option we can change the themes on the desktop and create our themes.

Save as:- With this option we can create our new themes.

Delete:- With this option, we can delete the themes we have created.

Background:- With this option we can set the picture given on the desktop.

Bourse:- With this option, we can set the already placed picture and file on the desktop of the computer.

Position:- With this option we can set the position of the file set on the desktop such as – Tile, Center, Stretch, etc.

Colors:- Through this option, we can change the color settings on the desktop screen.

Screen saver:- Through this option, we can set up a screen saver in Windows. Clicking on it will open a dialog box in front of us.

Setting:- Through this option, we can change the settings of the screen saver set on the desktop.

Preview:- Through this option, we can see the preview of the set screen saver on the direct full screen.

Wait:- Using this option, we can set the time to run our screen saver.

Year:- Through this, we can select the current year on the computer.

Month:- From here we can select the current month.

Time:- From here, you can set the current time of the computer.

On Starting Button R.H.S

On Starting Button R.H.S:-The bottom taskbar slide on the monitor’s desktop features a start button and notification area. By doing R.H.C on the start buttons, we will have a drop up menu open.


Learn About Right Hand Click (R.H.C) tool..

Document:- Clicking on this option will open a sub menu in which we can see the name of the last open file and click on any of these files and open them again.

Programs:- Clicking on this option will open a sub menu in front of us. So that we can open any program DKS.

Accessories:- Clicking on this menu will open a sub menu in front of us.

Entertainment:- Clicking on it will open a sub menu in front of us, in which you can open the volume control, window, media player and voice recording etc.

Window Media Player:- Through this option, we can play audio CDs, videos, CDs etc. in the computer and with this we can play pre-loaded audio video songs in the computer.

Sound Recorder:- Through this option we can record any voice from the mic into the system and. Can save it as a file.

Volume Control:- Through this option we can reduce and increase the sound of songs etc. running in the computer.

Paint:- With this option we can open the paint program.

Calculator:- With this option we can open calculator program on windows.

Word Pad:- With this option, we can open the WordPad program on the window and type in text and formatting it. Such as bold, italic, underline, text color, etc.

Command Prompt:- With this option we can open the dos program on the computer.

II. C.C (Center-click):- With this button, we can move the open page up-down move.

R.H.S (Right hand click) :- The screen that appears on the monitor screen is called the desktop on which we have many types of icons, a taskbar slide, and a start button, clock, etc. on it.

  1. On Desktop R.H.S
  2. On Notification Area R.H.S
  3. On Start button R.H.S
  4. On Folder and file R.H.S
  5. On Taskbar Slide R.H.S
  6. On System Icon R.H.S

I. On Desktop R.H.C

1. On Desktop R.H.C:- Performing RHC in empty space on the desktop will open a dropdown-menu in front of us, in which we can see many options.

Arrange Icon By:- Clicking on this option will open a sub-menu in front of us, in which some option is shown.

Name:- By clicking on this option, the icons placed on the desktop can be arranged by name wise.

Size:- With this option, we can arrange the icon placed on the desktop by size.

Type:- Through this option, we can arrange the icon placed on the desktop by type wise. Such as file-files, folders-folders etc.

By Modified:- Through this option we can modify the icons placed on the desktop. This will arrange the icons on the desktop as we created.

Show in Group:- through this option on the desktop Icons can be seen in a group.

Auto Arrange:- Through this option, we can auto-arrange the icons placed on the desktop into a group. By checking this, when we place an icon from its place to another place, then that icon will move to its previous position again and by unchecking it, when we move an icon, it will move.



Microsoft word 2007 Introduction + Description Menu Bar

It is a software package of Microsoft Office. In this, along with writing the text, we can format it and print it out. In this, we can also do word processing. We use it for office and personal work.




Paste – With this option, we have already selected text, picture, word art, etc. After cutting and copying, you can paste it on any page. This is a Shortcut key (Ctrl+V=Paste)

Cut – Through this option, we select selected text, picture, word art, etc. Can be cut. This is a Shortcut key (Ctrl+X=Cut)

Copy – Through this option, we select selected text, picture, word art, etc. Can be Copy. This is a Shortcut key (Ctrl+C=Cut)

Format Printer – With this option, after copying the formatting of any formatted text, we can paste the same formatting by pasting it on another unformatted text. This is a shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+V=paste)


Font – Through this, we can change the font style of the selected text. Like Ariel to Times New Roman etc. This is a Shorcut key (Ctrl+D=Font),(Ctrl+Shift+F=Font)

Font Size – By this we can make the size of the selected text smaller or larger. This is a shortcut key

(Ctrl+[)=1 Point – Small Font Size.                                                (Ctrl+])=1 Point – Big Font Size.

Grow/Shrink Font – By this we can make the size of the selected text smaller or larger. This is a shortcut key

(Ctrl+Shift+<)=2 Point – Small Size Font                                  Ctrl+ Shift+>)=2 Point – Big Size Font

Clear Formating – Through this, we can normalize the text by removing the formatting done in the selected text.

Bold – Through this we can make the selected text bold. That is the shortcut key. (Ctrl+B)=Bold

Italic – Through this we can make the selected text Italic. That is the shortcut key. (Ctrl+I)=Italic

Underline – By this we can give the underline in the selected text. Underlining brings the line below the text. That is the shortcut key. (Ctrl+U)=Underline

Strikethrough – By this we can strikethrough selected text. Strikethrough brings the line to the center of the text.

Superscript – By this we can top the text of the selected text. That is the shortcut key. (Ctrl+Shift++)=Superscript

Subscript – Through this, we can bring down the selected text. That is the shortcut key. (Ctrl+=)=Superscript

Change Case – Through this option, we can change the case of text written in the open page. There are five types of cases. That is the shortcut key. (Shift+F3)=Change Case

Sentence Case – Through this, we can change the selected text in the Sentence case. Like – RAM IS A GOOD BOY. After the Sentence Case.- Ram is a good boy.

Upper case – With this option we can convert selected text to uppercase. Like – Ram is a good boy. After the upper Case.- RAM IS A GOOD BOY.

Tittle Case – With this option, we can convert the selected text to little case. Like – Ram is a good boy. After the little Case.- Ram Is A Good Boy.

Toggle Case – Through this option we can convert the selected text to toggle case. Like – Ram is a good boy. After the Toggle Case.- rAM iS a gOOD bOY.

Text Highlight Color – By this we can highlight the selected test. Highlighting changes the background color of the selected text.

Text Color/Font Color – Through this, we can change the color in the selected text.






The window is e operating system in which we can create any file and see it as an image or icon. In this we can see and listen to songs, movies, photos, etc. and can do many things at once. Like typing in a file, listening to a song, and taking a print out

A. L.H.S- With this button, we can give the four special commands.

1. Select- Through this button, we can select the icon by single left-clicking on any icon.

2. Open- With this button, we can open that icon by double left clicking on any icon or you can open the selected file or folder by pressing enter and selecting it.

3. Drag and drop:- By this, after selecting any icon, we will press the left click with the mouse on this icon. And then you can move the icon from its place by moving the mouse and then leaving the mouse button will set that icon going there itself. Where we had to put it.

4. On Start Button L.H.C:- Clicking on the Start button will open a menu in front of us, through which we can shut down the computer and run any program.

Turn Off:- With this option, you can turn off the already open computer. Clicking on it opens the turn off option box in front of us, in which some options are visible.

Stand By:- With this option, the computer is closed for some time. And moving the mouse starts.

Turn Off:- With this option, we can turn off the computer completely.

Restart:- By clicking on this option, we can restart the computer. Restarting automatically starts the computer after shutdown.

Log Off:- Through this option, we can log off the computer. Clicking on it will open the options box of log off in front of us. Through which we can do the setting of some pre-made user and change it.

Switch Off:- Through the is the option we can see the list of user names already created.

Run:- Through this option, we can run any file and program, etc.

  1. Paint = MsPaint / brush
  2. Dos = Command.Com/cmd
  3. Ms Word = Winword
  4. Ms Power Point = Powerpnt
  5. Wordpad = wordpad / Write
  6. Notepad = notpad
  7. Ms Excel = excel
  8. Calculator = clac
  9. Temporarily Files = temp / ℅  temp℅
  10. My Computer = …
  11. Photo Shop = photoshop

Help:- Clicking on this option will open a help box in front of us, through which we can view and read help about any topic from the computer.

Find:- By clicking on this option, we open a find box in front of us through which we can find any word, name, file, and folder.

Setting:- Clicking on it will open a sub-menu in front of us.

Control Pennel:- With this option, we can make settings in a computer such as a keyboard display, sound, modem card, etc.


Think and grow rich [Part-2]

STEP – 8 Persistence

“Be persistent no matter how slowly you may, at first, have to move. With persistence will come success.” To have persistence, you must first establish your purpose. What do you want to achieve and what drives you to work for it? You must have a strong motivation.

Trust yourself. You have enough skills and knowledge to succeed. You can devise an exact plan on how to do it. Maintain a good relationship with people who can help you.

Practice your will power. Focus on your plan and disregard your fears. Remember that, “Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With persistence you will win.”

Many people wait for the big “break” in their lives. It may be a dream job or a good business opportunity. But they only become disappointed. “Breaks” only equal our efforts. It doesn’t occur instantly. By organizing a plan and being persistent, we pave the way for the “big breaks” in our career.

Now, some people may have strong desire and precise plan to succeed. But why don’t they achieve it? This is because they give up easily. They quit after experiencing a failure. Defeat is only temporary.

The answer to defeat is persistence. “Sometimes it appears that there is a hidden Guide whose duty is to test men through all sorts of discouraging experiences.” Defeat is only a test. If you have turned persistence into a habit, then surely you will overcome defeat and reach victory. Eventually, you will become successful in any endeavour you have.

STEP – 9 Power of the Master Mind

There is a saying that goes, “Knowledge is power.” But knowledge as it is cannot be used to gain riches. Knowledge is power only if it is structured and aimed to a goal. The Master Mind is a group of people who can increase your knowledge and therefore your power. These are people who have the same desire and purpose as you.

Take for example a set of electric batteries. A single battery can only yield a small amount of energy. But when it is joined with a few more, their energy will last longer and stronger. When you have a Master Mind group, they can help you become more powerful. They can also help you overcome your weakness.

Before Henry Ford owned his corporation, he was poor, ignorant and illiterate. But he surrounded himself with fifty trusted men in the business. He also became friends with Thomas Edison. Ford maintained harmony and cooperation with these great minds to become as powerful as he is.

Because of the support and alliance that Henry Ford got from his Master Mind group, he won over poverty and ignorance. He mastered literacy and intelligence in just ten years. After 25 years, he became the richest man in his country.

There are, indeed, many economic advantages of having a Master Mind group. But it also has a psychic advantage. “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible power, which can be likened to a third mind.”

The group increases the power of the individual. In essence, two minds are better than one. If there is a good working relationship within a group, they can achieve much more than any individual. They can create wonders and possess a great power more than a single person can ever imagine.

STEP – 10 The Subconscious Mind

We do not have control over our subconscious mind. But it governs over all our desires, emotions and decisions. What we can do is to fill our conscious mind with positive thoughts. Over time, our positive thoughts will be implanted in our subconscious. That is how we can achieve success.

Smiling young African American woman in white shirt looking at colorful brain sketch with gears drawn on concrete wall. Concept of brainstorming

To improve your subconscious, fill your mind with thoughts of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. Avoid polluting your mind with fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger. These negative thoughts would not direct you to success and wealth. They would only pull you down to poverty.

You possess right now your very personal plan to succeed. You know your way to riches. However, the plan is locked in your subconscious. You cannot access it by having negative thoughts. Put the positive thoughts into practice so that you will remember them better.

Try to do small things every day. Make a habit out of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. Let go of fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger.

STEP – 11 The Brain

The human brain is a very powerful machine. It is both a sending and receiving device. The power of thought plays a big part in achieving success. All the thirteen steps can be started by thinking. Everything from desire, to imagination, to persistence can be worked out in the brain.

Did you know that there are ten to fourteen billion of nerve cells in the brain’s cerebral cortex? What is more amazing is that they are all arranged in an orderly manner. This pattern of nerve cells makes us humans function not only physically. The brain is also responsible for our mental and emotional state.

It is indeed true that we can think and grow rich. We can plant positive thoughts in our brain to attract good opportunities. We can transform our intense desire to actual plans and actions. We can decide quickly and choose not to quit when failing. We can also put our sexual energy into creative use. All these can happen inside our own brain.

If you practice stimulating your mind, you can even increase your knowledge and potential to succeed. You can pick up and learn more from other brains. Mental telepathy can be possible if you work closely with your Master Mind group. By having discussions, you can share and create ideas like having a single brain.

Use your brain. Always stimulate it with new ideas. Apply what you have learned in this book and make it a habit. You can go back to the chapters as often as you can. Repeat the statement that would make you money-conscious. You would not be far from financial success.

STEP- 12 The Sixth Sense

The last of the thirteen steps to riches is the sixth sense. You cannot master the sixth sense without mastering the other twelve steps. The sixth sense is part of our subconscious mind. It deals with our creative imagination. It connects us with the Infinite Intelligence of the world.

Sometimes, we experience flashes of thoughts or “hunches”. This is our sixth sense working. We can only access it through extreme concentration. Great minds like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Mohammed have mastered the use of their sixth sense. They have done great things with their hunches.

The sixth sense connects both our mental and spiritual state. It serves as the medium between our own brain and the Infinite Intelligence. The sixth sense is not only useful for creating ideas. It also warns us against danger by means of hunches.

Infinite Intelligence is the power “which permeates every atom of matter, and embraces every unit of energy perceptible to man.” It also “causes water to flow downhill…follows night with day, and winter with summer, each maintaining its proper place and relationship to the other.”

By practicing our sixth sense,we can connect easily with Infinite Intelligence. Just like the geniuses, we can transform our desires to material form. As humans, we are defined by the desires and thoughts that dominate our mind. We can choose between failure and success just by thinking.

The road to success starts with desire. As you go along the thirteen steps to riches, you will gain wisdom. To succeed is to understand one’s self and other people. Ultimately, a successful person understands the laws of nature and happiness. You can go over the thirteen steps anytime to gain high level of mind stimulation.

You are now equipped with the thirteen steps to riches. In the last chapter, you will learn how to fight fear. It is fear which limits you to your present situation. Without fear, you can start your journey to riches.

STEP – 13 How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

You have enemies which hinder you from getting rich. They are indecision, doubt, fear, worry and negative influences. It is often that one leads to another. If you don’t fight against them, they would only get worse.

Indecision and doubt creates fear. There are six basic fears namely, fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss love, old age and death. Each of them can limit a person’s ability. But the thing is,fear is only a state of mind. This means that you have control over your fear. There is one thing that humans have absolute control over and that is our thoughts. “Man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent.” The thoughts that exist in your mind will determine your social, professional, business and financial destiny.

Even disease becomes real if you constantly fear ill health. That is why it is important to strengthen your will power. Some people appear to be more lucky and superior than others. This is because of the thinking they have. They implant in their mind that they have the ability, experience and intelligence to succeed. And so, it becomes reality.

Do not be weak against criticism. Do not listen to relatives or anyone who says you cannot do it. Criticism will only destroy your imagination, damage your confidence and limit your individuality. “Keep your mind closed against all people who depress or discourage you in any way.”

Relieve yourself of worry. Do not worry about what other people think. Accept the reality of old age and death. If you fear the loss of love, learn to get along with no one but yourself. “Nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry.” Choose to have peace of mind and happiness.


Andrew Carnegie is the pioneer of steel business in America. He told the author Napoleon Hill of the secret to success. Carnegie encouraged Hill to devote years in order to study wealthy men and how they achieved success.

The secret comes in two parts. The first part is already in your possession and that is desire. If you have a burning desire to get rich, it will become reality. The second part, of course, is mind control. Use your desire to control the thoughts that dominate your mind. You can apply the secret by using the thirteen steps to riches. If you accept poverty in your life, then you remain poor. You would not do actions that will change it.

You already have the road map to riches. You know of the thirteen steps. If you decide not to start now, you have no one else to blame but you. If you decide to stop before you succeed, then surely you will fail.

You have full responsibility of your destiny. You have the power to determine your social, professional, and financial outcome. Instead of making alibis, start controlling your thoughts.Remember that, “Whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve.”


Think and grow rich [Part-1]

Success can be found in any profession or career. And even an illiterate or less educated person can become rich. And this secret writer wants to share with his readers how exactly 500 rich people got such huge success in their life? And this secret is only for those who are ready to know it. Those who applied this secret fulfilled their dream of becoming rich.

If you want money, honor, personality, peace and happiness in your life, then you can know its secret from those rich people. As you cross these thirteen steps, you will get closer to that secret. Now get ready because the chance that you are going to get your hands will change your life. Napoleon Hill has given us a clue of this secret “There is an idea behind the beginning of all progress, all richness.

STEP – 1 Desire

When you want something wholeheartedly, then it becomes a reality in front of you. By constantly thinking about your dream, you start looking for ways to achieve it. There is a term called money-cohesiveness which means to be crazy about money, that is, a desire to earn a lot of money in your mind, it is a state of mind where you start thinking of yourself as already rich. If money is being made, then you start making money here. Here are 6 steps that will definitely make you money – first, think of how much money you want to earn.

It would not be enough to just say that I have to earn a lot of money. You have to think of a fix amount so that you can fulfill your dream come true. The second step is that you have to decide what you can do to earn so much money because you are getting something for free and the third step is Deciding the date on which you will be able to get your planned amount, the fourth step will be to think of a special plan that allows you to earn this money and after making an R plan, you have to move forward on that path without hesitation.

Your fifth step will be that you write your full proof plan somewhere, how much amount you want, how long you want and what your plan will be, you should write everything on a paper and finally the sixth step is to give this statement in a day. Read and remember the times.

If you really want to become rich, then it is not a difficult thing for you to follow these steps, in this way you will see and feel and also believe that you have money, keep repeating it and you will become money-cohesive.

Remember one thing that “before every big achievement is achieved it is a dream”

STEP – 2

There is such a force in this university that brings us to those things that we believe in, when we think positively, then everything starts to be good with us. But when we think negative then bad things happen automatically.

If seen, there is no such thing as bed luck or bad luck. Just what we believe matters. Some people unnecessarily consider themselves unlucky and some consider themselves always poor. If we start to believe that we cannot change our circumstances then it means that we have written our misfortune ourselves. Because as we make up our mind, the same things will start happening in reality.

Now if you create fear and doubt in your mind then you will always be afraid and will not be able to trust yourself. By doing this, you are tying yourself in a realm which will be difficult to come out of. It is very important to have confidence in yourself to become Money Koshes. Remember that every moment you see yourself rich, feel and believe.

Believe yourself that one day you will earn a lot of money. People who speak on everything that they are poor, such people never become rich. Whatever we want to become, we can become that by believing in ourselves. Just as the thoughts we fill in the mind, one day our truth becomes.

So it is your choice whether you choose poverty or richness. Take care to be rich once in your mind, then your confidence will remove all the limits for you and will give you success.

STEP – 3 Auto – Suggestion

Our sub-concious mind is like a fertile ground. If we do not put the seeds of work in it, then weed will grow. For this, we have to adopt auto-decoration or shelf-decoration so that waste waste does not flow in our mind. We ourselves are so capable that we can choose the thoughts that come in our sub-Koshas mind. Our sub-cohesive mind makes our thinking a reality. But to do this, we have to reach it by auto-automation. That is why it is said that your mind is always filled with positive thinking thoughts. And when we are unable to control it, then only we lose. Repeat every day what you want.

If you want to get rich then be prepared for it. Make this desire your habit. Then one day your habit will actually give you such opportunities, which will make your success a reality. Start thinking of yourself as a rich and successful person from today itself. The plan to reach your goal is within your sub-concessions, just practice auto-decoration so that your plan can come to you on its own.

Never give up in this effort. Understand that you are not going to get anything for free. A lot will have to be done to get something. So from today, start putting seeds of good positive things in the garden of your mind.

STEP – 4

Specialized Knowledge

The things we learn from school or general knowledge is useless if we cannot apply it in our life. It is not practical. If you have a specific interest, you can take trainings or short courses. In that way, you can gain specialized knowledge that you can already use or put into business.

Learning does not stop at school. Even if you have a family or a full-time job, you can still learn. Specialized knowledge is good because you can focus on what you really want to learn. You can improve on what you are really good at.

Employers hire not only based on credentials but also on personality. They are interested in how you interact with people and handle situations. A successful person may lack an education. But he cannot lack personality or ambition.

Remember that, “The person who stops studying merely because he has finishedschool is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”

STEP – 5 Imagination

A long time ago, there is an old country doctor who visited a drugstore. He told the young clerk about his old kettle and wooden paddle. The young clerk bought the kettle and paddle for $500. That amount was all of his savings.

The old doctor gave the young clerk a small piece of paper. There was a magic formula written in it. The old doctor was happy to leave with his $500. He can pay his debt and enjoy his freedom. The kettle, paddle and piece of paper had no value to him. The young clerk invested his life savings on his new possessions. He begin to mix the ingredients in the magic formula. What flowed in the old kettle is actually gold.

The old kettle has employed millions of people. It prospered the sugar industry. It turned the small city in the South to a business capital. The old kettle reached people across the world.

The mixture in the old kettle is Coca-Cola. The young clerk is Asa Candler. But the secret to Coca-Cola’s success is not in the piece of paper. It is in Asa Candler’s imagination.

Desire needs imagination so that it can be turned to reality. The obstacles that keep you from succeeding are only in your mind. Use your imagination.

Coca-Cola began with an idea. Everything we have today, like gadgets or social media, came from an idea. Many people wait for the big break in their life. But success is not about luck.

An idea must survive criticism, defeat, disappointment and discouragement. It must be partnered with desire, purpose, determination and persistence. You must give life to your idea. Then it will be strong enough against any challenges.

STEP – 6 Organized Planning

In order to succeed, one must have a definite plan. Surround yourself with people who will help you devise and carry out your plan. Remember that no man is an island.

It is natural to give people compensation or benefits in exchange for their cooperation. Meet the group as often as you can to make sure that the plan will be effective. To prevent failure, maintain a good working relationship within the group.

No one person can possess all the knowledge, experience and ability to achieve success. The cooperation and perfect harmony with others is needed. Before carrying out the plan, it must be approved by all members.

If the first plan fails, devise another one. If the plan fails again, do not give up until you find the one that works. Keep in mind that it took Thomas Edison ten thousand tries before he has created the perfect light bulb. He had to fail repeatedly to become the great inventor that he is.

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Those who quit lack the persistence to try again after failing. But the winners move on to a new plan. They keep on creating a new one until the plan succeeds.

Failure only means that there is something wrong with your plan and that you must change it. If Thomas Edison had quit after his first failure, we might not know him as we do today. Think of the failures you’ve had. What could you have done better? Form a new plan and keep planning to succeed.

STEP – 7 Decision

The Model T of Ford Motors was once dubbed as the world’s ugliest car. The advisors of Henry Ford told him to change the car’s design. But Ford was firm in his decision to keep manufacturing Model T. He changed the car’s design eventually. But before doing so, Model T has already gained him a huge fortune.

Henry Ford was known to make firm and quick decisions. It is one of the outstanding traits of successful men. Indecision only leads to poverty and failure. When you make decisions quickly, they can already be put into action. To procrastinate or to delay will only cost you money and opportunity.

Ford did not listen to the people who told him about the quality of Model T. That is because he had his own disposition. He trusted his idea and stood firm in his decision. Wealthy men make decisions fast but they change them slowly. This is because they are not easily influenced by the opinions of others.

“Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them.” It will not help you to listen to what other people say. The opinions of others are often meant to discourage and ridicule. That is even if they are from close relatives or friends.

Take the counsel only from your Master Mind group. They are people who are in “complete sympathy and harmony with your purpose.” You can choose the members of your trusted group. The power of the Master Mind will be discussed in the next chapters.

You have a brain of your own. If you have a burning desire to succeed, listen to your own voice. Making good decisions mean that you know what you want. “The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.” Successful men know what they want and they generally get it.


Basic Application Of Computers [Part-2]


  • Computers are used from design stage to engineering process control in the engineering field.
  • Computer aided design (CAD) has not really built any machine, its designing, testing and Modifying is made possible.
  • You can see it on the computer generated image before deciding the fine production of any machine. And can also simulate.
  • Inelectronics engineering, computers are used to design and test integrated circuits (ICs), which are used in radio, television, toys, and computers.

Book Publishing

  • DTP or Desk Top Publishing is a new field that has been created due to the efficient use of computers. In DTP, one can easily write and design books using computers and laser printers.
  • It used to take a long time to do many tasks of writing a book, like making indexes, but now they can be done automatically with the help of personal computer and DTP software.

In Bank

  • Computers are predominantly used in banks. Due to the use of computers, there has been considerable progress in many facilities offered by banks. Today any person can deposit cash from ATM (Automated Teller Machine) round the clock.
  • If the branch of the bank is interconnected, then any person can deposit and withdraw money in any branch.


  • You can play hours of games on computers. Games can be both entertaining and instructive. With action games, you can fight your way out in difficult situations. You can also experience being a space pilot who fights invaders.


  • Computer Based Training (GBT), Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) programs are available, using which you can learn subjects from basic to advanced such as Maths, Physics, Biology etc.
  • Researchers believe that whenever a new concept is brought to the students by the computer using audio-video mediums, they can understand the subject faster and better.


  • Nowadays, people use computers to keep their records and to keep track of and analyze their investments, income, expenses and savings.
  • A personal financial management package called MS-Money is available for this type of work. This package helps in calculating income, interest, insurance etc., checks for payments and income tax calculations.


  • Specialized programs such as Tally 9 are available to handle the company’s financial accounts and inventory management. The task of managing accounts is very easy where computers are used.
  • An operator who has some accounting back sound, can prepare trial balance, profit and loss account and even balance sheet with the help of these accounting software packages.


Basic Application Of Computers [Part-1]

A computer is a general purpose tool that can perform a variety of tasks. You can use computers for various applications and for this you have to change different types of software packages.

Scientific Research

  • The computer was first used for scientific research.
  • The speed of scientific analysis done by computer is very fast.
  • Computer-controlled robots are used in areas where there is danger to human life.
  • For example, computers are used for deep sea exploration and nuclear research.
  • Computers nowadays have become an important part of the education system in universities and research institutes.
  • Researchers without computers find it difficult to advance their education.

Business Application

  • Due to the low price, PCs (personal computers) are also used by small traders to keep track of their accounts.
  • Computersare also used by multinational companies to manage their business all over the world.
  • Computer management provides updated information about business positions in the form of text and graphics (such as charts, graphs, etc.) instantly and at a very low cost.
  • Therefore, managers can take business related decisions correctly and without delay.
  • Using a computer, managers can also do simulations or what-if analysis and know how their decisions will impact the business in the future.


  • Computers are widely used in movies, animation films, advertisements in newspapers and TV etc.
  • You must have seen a TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati where computers are used to attract viewers.
  • Entertainment industry using computers to produce movies To plan, and to create various spation effects.
  • Many animation films are made on computer and later transferred to television.

  • Use of e-mail or electronic mail, where any person can access long messages, reports etc. to many people in the world at very low cost, using computer and a telephone line.
  • Using e-mail to transfer messages further saves time and less paper.
  • In addition, the person who receives electronic messages 1. Is, he can save these to his PC for later use, or * he can read them on his computer, answer them, forward them, or even delete them.
  • Computers are also used to talk to people from other countries over the phone at a very low cost. We call it Internet Telephone.

  • In the medical field, computers are also used to help surgeons by performing simple tasks such as maintaining the records of patients and controlling robots during difficult tasks such as surgery.
  • A computer can be made to monitor heartbeat, blood pressure etc. and it can be designed to maintain the history of the patient.



What is duty

Once upon a time there was a monk who lived in the middle of the forest. He used to spend his whole day meditating and doing yoga. One day, he was resting under the tree. Suddenly, dry leaves started falling on him. he looked up. A crow and a stork (crane) were fighting on the tree. He was spreading dry leaves everywhere. That monk got angry. He grinned and said, “How dare you throw leaves at me”? He looked at them both angrily. The monk was not surprised when he saw that the stork and the crow were burned to ashes. He was very happy to see his power.

Then came the time for her to leave the forest. He went to the city asking for alms. He knocked on a door and said “Mother, give me something to eat”. The woman said “Son, wait a minute”. The monk thought “Its so daring that it told me to wait. It does not know how much power I have.”

Sannyasis had said this in their mind. Then the woman said “Do not boast so much on yourself, I am not that crow or stork”. The monk waited a little longer. When that woman came out, she asked “Mother, how did you get to know about the crows and sarash living in that forest”

He replied, “Son, I have no knowledge of the yoga you practice. I am a simple housewife. I told you to wait because I am serving my sick husband”. He told that he has tried to do all his life properly. When she was younger, she served her parents. When married, she served her husband. This was the sum for him.

He got knowledge from these things. That is why she was able to read the mind of the monk. She knew what the monk had done in the forest. He asked the monk to go to the next city. There was a butcher there, from whom the monk could learn a lot.

The monk thought “what can the butcher teach me”? Still he went towards that city. He reached the market there. There he saw a fat butcher. He was cutting the meat and giving it to his customer. The monk thought, “O God, help me. I am going to talk to a butcher. He will be the incarnation of a devil.”

When the butcher saw the monk standing there, he asked, “Are you the one sent by that lady? Please wait a bit. I have to take care of my customer first”. When the butcher’s work was completed, he raised the money and asked the monk to follow. He reached the butcher’s house. The butcher asked him to wait again.

At home, the butcher served his old parents. Bathing them, wearing clean clothes. Made food for them and then fed them. He took full care that he had no trouble at all. He then talked to the monk. He asked “Swamiji, what can I do for you”? The monk asked the butcher some questions about God and the soul.

He gave the answer from the Huntsman Gita of Mahabharata. The monk was very surprised. It seemed as if the butcher was very knowledgeable, he was very intelligent. The monk asked, “Sir, why are you in this body”? You have so much knowledge yet you do so much dirty work “? Butcher said,” Son, the truth is that nothing is dirty, small or bad. I was born in this situation. When I was a child, I learned the job of butcher very quickly. I try my best to fulfill my duty properly “.

The butcher used to carry out all the responsibilities of his house well. He used to take great care of his parents. He was not a monk, nor did he leave the world and do yoga in the forest. Nevertheless, the butcher was fully aware of his duty and used to do what he could to fulfill it. With this we get to learn the lesson that our work should be treated like worship. Full attention should be paid to that. Just keep doing your work, don’t think about anything else. Do not think about the fruits of doing that work. Do not think about difficulties or even its result.


In the story, the woman and the butcher performed each of their actions with all their heart. And from this he got knowledge. The worker who thinks about the result of his work, who is more attached to the fruit, always complains about his duty. He is never happy because he is just looking for an identity.

But for those who are not attached to the result, their work becomes the cause of happiness. He happily accepts his given duty and plays it wholeheartedly. He lives peacefully and comfortably as he embraces and fulfills his duties.