• Albert Einstein was born in Ulm.
  • In the Kingdom of Württemberg in the German Empire.
  • Albert Einstein was a German mathematician and physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity.
  • In 1921, he won the Nobel Prize for physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.
  • Birth Date: March 14, 1879
  • Death Date: April 18, 195
Einstein at the age of 3 in 1882
Einstein at the age of 3 in 1882


Einstein could not speak till the age of two years, so his parents took him to the doctor. He was afraid that he might be dumb. But then Einstein started speaking. He used to repeat loudly before speaking anything. Due to this habit, his family started thinking of him as a special child.


Father Herman Einstein and Mother Pauline of Albert Einstein were coaches. Harman was a proud businessman, while Pauline was a lady with a strong will. Together, they were raising their children with great love and tried to give them a comfortable life in every way.


Einstein used to listen to music whenever he had any difficulty, especially while developing the theory of Journal Relativity, he used to play the violin alone in his apartment at night. Many times, if he came to an idea in the middle of the period, he would shout “I got it”. Albert studied at the age of 15 from the Luitpold Gymnasium.


He wanted to study at the Zurich Polytechnic. So he went to Switzerland where he had passed the entrance exam of Science and Math in first class but failed miserably in French, Politics, Literature. Well, despite this, he got admission.



Albert Einstein was now 17 years old. He used to attend special classes in Math and Physics. His mother had relatives in Zurich who cared for Albert. He used to get a monthly Pokemon of 100 Swiss Franks. Out of which Albert used to spend his student lodging. He used to save 20 francs every month so that he could become a Swiss citizen.


The most important thing Zurich Polytechnic did with him was that he met his future wife here, Mileva Merrick. Who was the daughter of a proud Serbian farmer.

Albert and Mileva Einstein, 1912
Albert and Mileva Einstein, 1912


At the end of the year, Einstein wrote two more papers to Conrad Habicht. Fourth paper was about special relativity. And the fifth paper was about Einstein’s famous equation (E = mc2.


Meanwhile, he sent his fifth and final paper to Habicht which is his famous formula. Einstein derived the formula of E = mc2 from the theory of reality. The energy of an object is equal to its mass, which is multiplied by the square of speed of light. Speed ​​of light is a big number in itself.



In his 75th year, Einstein had an aneurysm disease in the stomach. He had a fatal stomach ache but he still used to come to the Daily Institute. His theory of everything was still in search. He used to fill his blackboard with equation. Everyday he would work on his theory with a new approach. But somewhere there was something missing and he used to get stuck at the starting point. Also quantum mechanics used to roam in his mind.


And on the morning of Sunday, Einstein asked his personal assistant to bring his glasses, pencils and paper. He was feeling a little better, so he wanted to do some calculations. As long as they could work, they did, after that when the pain was not tolerated, they went to sleep. And Monday, April 18, 1955, at about 1 o’clock, Einstein, at the age of 76, said goodbye to this world forever.



Otto Nathan, Einstein’s close friend, was deeply shocked by his death. And that’s why he did not notice when the pathologist of Princeton University cut his Einstein’s skull from the electric saw and removed his brain. Fifth grade children were discussing Einstein’s death at Nest Morning Princeton. A young boy said “My dad has taken out his brain” The man who took out Einstein’s brain, and presided for 40 years, was Thomas Harvey. When he hid the brain inside a cookie jar like the world’s most precious thing.


Then for several years after that, Harvey Einstein’s brain samples were sent to those researchers who wanted to get his brain ready. He would send a slide researcher of the brain and ask if you would like to research it. In this way, Einstein’s brain was sliced ​​into pieces several times but nothing useful came out. When Thomas Harvey was 85 years old, he decided that he would now pass on his precious treasure to someone. He went to Princeton University with a cookie jar with a brain. And handed him over to the current pathologist.


In the recent research conducted in recent years, 17% more neurons were found in their brain than the normal brain. Their corpus callosum, ie the fiber between the two parts of the brain, was much thicker than the average. But now the question is whether Einstein’s brain was born or was it because of his constant thinking?


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