The window is e operating system in which we can create any file and see it as an image or icon. In this we can see and listen to songs, movies, photos, etc. and can do many things at once. Like typing in a file, listening to a song, and taking a print out

A. L.H.S- With this button, we can give the four special commands.

1. Select- Through this button, we can select the icon by single left-clicking on any icon.

2. Open- With this button, we can open that icon by double left clicking on any icon or you can open the selected file or folder by pressing enter and selecting it.

3. Drag and drop:- By this, after selecting any icon, we will press the left click with the mouse on this icon. And then you can move the icon from its place by moving the mouse and then leaving the mouse button will set that icon going there itself. Where we had to put it.

4. On Start Button L.H.C:- Clicking on the Start button will open a menu in front of us, through which we can shut down the computer and run any program.

Turn Off:- With this option, you can turn off the already open computer. Clicking on it opens the turn off option box in front of us, in which some options are visible.

Stand By:- With this option, the computer is closed for some time. And moving the mouse starts.

Turn Off:- With this option, we can turn off the computer completely.

Restart:- By clicking on this option, we can restart the computer. Restarting automatically starts the computer after shutdown.

Log Off:- Through this option, we can log off the computer. Clicking on it will open the options box of log off in front of us. Through which we can do the setting of some pre-made user and change it.

Switch Off:- Through the is the option we can see the list of user names already created.

Run:- Through this option, we can run any file and program, etc.

  1. Paint = MsPaint / brush
  2. Dos = Command.Com/cmd
  3. Ms Word = Winword
  4. Ms Power Point = Powerpnt
  5. Wordpad = wordpad / Write
  6. Notepad = notpad
  7. Ms Excel = excel
  8. Calculator = clac
  9. Temporarily Files = temp / ℅  temp℅
  10. My Computer = …
  11. Photo Shop = photoshop

Help:- Clicking on this option will open a help box in front of us, through which we can view and read help about any topic from the computer.

Find:- By clicking on this option, we open a find box in front of us through which we can find any word, name, file, and folder.

Setting:- Clicking on it will open a sub-menu in front of us.

Control Pennel:- With this option, we can make settings in a computer such as a keyboard display, sound, modem card, etc.

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