Basic Application Of Computers [Part-2]


  • Computers are used from design stage to engineering process control in the engineering field.
  • Computer aided design (CAD) has not really built any machine, its designing, testing and Modifying is made possible.
  • You can see it on the computer generated image before deciding the fine production of any machine. And can also simulate.
  • Inelectronics engineering, computers are used to design and test integrated circuits (ICs), which are used in radio, television, toys, and computers.

Book Publishing

  • DTP or Desk Top Publishing is a new field that has been created due to the efficient use of computers. In DTP, one can easily write and design books using computers and laser printers.
  • It used to take a long time to do many tasks of writing a book, like making indexes, but now they can be done automatically with the help of personal computer and DTP software.

In Bank

  • Computers are predominantly used in banks. Due to the use of computers, there has been considerable progress in many facilities offered by banks. Today any person can deposit cash from ATM (Automated Teller Machine) round the clock.
  • If the branch of the bank is interconnected, then any person can deposit and withdraw money in any branch.


  • You can play hours of games on computers. Games can be both entertaining and instructive. With action games, you can fight your way out in difficult situations. You can also experience being a space pilot who fights invaders.


  • Computer Based Training (GBT), Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) programs are available, using which you can learn subjects from basic to advanced such as Maths, Physics, Biology etc.
  • Researchers believe that whenever a new concept is brought to the students by the computer using audio-video mediums, they can understand the subject faster and better.


  • Nowadays, people use computers to keep their records and to keep track of and analyze their investments, income, expenses and savings.
  • A personal financial management package called MS-Money is available for this type of work. This package helps in calculating income, interest, insurance etc., checks for payments and income tax calculations.


  • Specialized programs such as Tally 9 are available to handle the company’s financial accounts and inventory management. The task of managing accounts is very easy where computers are used.
  • An operator who has some accounting back sound, can prepare trial balance, profit and loss account and even balance sheet with the help of these accounting software packages.


Basic Application Of Computers [Part-1]

A computer is a general purpose tool that can perform a variety of tasks. You can use computers for various applications and for this you have to change different types of software packages.

Scientific Research

  • The computer was first used for scientific research.
  • The speed of scientific analysis done by computer is very fast.
  • Computer-controlled robots are used in areas where there is danger to human life.
  • For example, computers are used for deep sea exploration and nuclear research.
  • Computers nowadays have become an important part of the education system in universities and research institutes.
  • Researchers without computers find it difficult to advance their education.

Business Application

  • Due to the low price, PCs (personal computers) are also used by small traders to keep track of their accounts.
  • Computersare also used by multinational companies to manage their business all over the world.
  • Computer management provides updated information about business positions in the form of text and graphics (such as charts, graphs, etc.) instantly and at a very low cost.
  • Therefore, managers can take business related decisions correctly and without delay.
  • Using a computer, managers can also do simulations or what-if analysis and know how their decisions will impact the business in the future.


  • Computers are widely used in movies, animation films, advertisements in newspapers and TV etc.
  • You must have seen a TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati where computers are used to attract viewers.
  • Entertainment industry using computers to produce movies To plan, and to create various spation effects.
  • Many animation films are made on computer and later transferred to television.

  • Use of e-mail or electronic mail, where any person can access long messages, reports etc. to many people in the world at very low cost, using computer and a telephone line.
  • Using e-mail to transfer messages further saves time and less paper.
  • In addition, the person who receives electronic messages 1. Is, he can save these to his PC for later use, or * he can read them on his computer, answer them, forward them, or even delete them.
  • Computers are also used to talk to people from other countries over the phone at a very low cost. We call it Internet Telephone.

  • In the medical field, computers are also used to help surgeons by performing simple tasks such as maintaining the records of patients and controlling robots during difficult tasks such as surgery.
  • A computer can be made to monitor heartbeat, blood pressure etc. and it can be designed to maintain the history of the patient.



What is duty

Once upon a time there was a monk who lived in the middle of the forest. He used to spend his whole day meditating and doing yoga. One day, he was resting under the tree. Suddenly, dry leaves started falling on him. he looked up. A crow and a stork (crane) were fighting on the tree. He was spreading dry leaves everywhere. That monk got angry. He grinned and said, “How dare you throw leaves at me”? He looked at them both angrily. The monk was not surprised when he saw that the stork and the crow were burned to ashes. He was very happy to see his power.

Then came the time for her to leave the forest. He went to the city asking for alms. He knocked on a door and said “Mother, give me something to eat”. The woman said “Son, wait a minute”. The monk thought “Its so daring that it told me to wait. It does not know how much power I have.”

Sannyasis had said this in their mind. Then the woman said “Do not boast so much on yourself, I am not that crow or stork”. The monk waited a little longer. When that woman came out, she asked “Mother, how did you get to know about the crows and sarash living in that forest”

He replied, “Son, I have no knowledge of the yoga you practice. I am a simple housewife. I told you to wait because I am serving my sick husband”. He told that he has tried to do all his life properly. When she was younger, she served her parents. When married, she served her husband. This was the sum for him.

He got knowledge from these things. That is why she was able to read the mind of the monk. She knew what the monk had done in the forest. He asked the monk to go to the next city. There was a butcher there, from whom the monk could learn a lot.

The monk thought “what can the butcher teach me”? Still he went towards that city. He reached the market there. There he saw a fat butcher. He was cutting the meat and giving it to his customer. The monk thought, “O God, help me. I am going to talk to a butcher. He will be the incarnation of a devil.”

When the butcher saw the monk standing there, he asked, “Are you the one sent by that lady? Please wait a bit. I have to take care of my customer first”. When the butcher’s work was completed, he raised the money and asked the monk to follow. He reached the butcher’s house. The butcher asked him to wait again.

At home, the butcher served his old parents. Bathing them, wearing clean clothes. Made food for them and then fed them. He took full care that he had no trouble at all. He then talked to the monk. He asked “Swamiji, what can I do for you”? The monk asked the butcher some questions about God and the soul.

He gave the answer from the Huntsman Gita of Mahabharata. The monk was very surprised. It seemed as if the butcher was very knowledgeable, he was very intelligent. The monk asked, “Sir, why are you in this body”? You have so much knowledge yet you do so much dirty work “? Butcher said,” Son, the truth is that nothing is dirty, small or bad. I was born in this situation. When I was a child, I learned the job of butcher very quickly. I try my best to fulfill my duty properly “.

The butcher used to carry out all the responsibilities of his house well. He used to take great care of his parents. He was not a monk, nor did he leave the world and do yoga in the forest. Nevertheless, the butcher was fully aware of his duty and used to do what he could to fulfill it. With this we get to learn the lesson that our work should be treated like worship. Full attention should be paid to that. Just keep doing your work, don’t think about anything else. Do not think about the fruits of doing that work. Do not think about difficulties or even its result.


In the story, the woman and the butcher performed each of their actions with all their heart. And from this he got knowledge. The worker who thinks about the result of his work, who is more attached to the fruit, always complains about his duty. He is never happy because he is just looking for an identity.

But for those who are not attached to the result, their work becomes the cause of happiness. He happily accepts his given duty and plays it wholeheartedly. He lives peacefully and comfortably as he embraces and fulfills his duties.



The secret of work

Do not expect to get anything in return for your karma. This is the secret of doing karma. By adopting this thinking, you can become successful in your career or business. Just love your work Love what you do. A slave who is tied in chains has to drag his feet to work. He does not do whatever works properly because he is forced to do that work. So act like a boss, not a slave. Just do your best and do that work happily.

Let us understand by an example

Once there were 5 kings who jointly organized a huge feast for the poor. He generously gifted clothes, money and food items to everyone. This celebration was given in the joy of victory of a huge battle. The people there were filled with respect for those five. Then there came a very strange mongoose. Half of his body was of gold and half of brown color. He went in the middle of that hall and started saying that you are all cheaters. This is not a sacrifice. ”

Everyone thought that this mongoose is crazy. He said “Don’t you see how much he has donated to the poor. He has made a lot of sacrifice”. Then that weasel started telling his story. He came from a small village. There he met a Brahmin and his family who lived with his wife and two sons.

That Brahmin was very poor. He used to spend a lot of money in the village and in the money he received. Their lives were very simple. But then there was a famine which lasted for three whole years. The condition of that Brahmin and his family had become worse. They did not get to eat anything for several days.

One day he came home with a bag of Brahmin flour. He felt very lucky to get this. He divided it into four equal parts so that they all could eat in full. After preparing the food, they all sat down to eat. He was about to eat that someone knocked on the door. The Brahmin opened the door, an old man was standing outside.

“Come in, you are our guest” said the Brahmin. It is an Indian custom to welcome a guest and to take good care of him. Therefore, the Brahmin served his food to that old man. The old man finished the whole meal very quickly. He told that he had been traveling for 10 days and he had not received anything to eat. His hunger was still not peaceful.

The Brahmin’s wife now gave her food to that old man. He finished that too quickly. He was still hungry. Now his elder son also gave his share. He said that it is his duty to help his father. The old man’s hunger did not calm down even after eating his share of food. Now his younger son gave his share. Then the old man’s stomach was full. He thanked the whole family and went on his way. Now the Brahmin and his family had nothing to eat. The next day, they all died of hunger. That mongoose went to his house the same day.

He saw grains of flour scattered on the table. He rubbed his body on her. He was surprised as his wings turned into gold. The sacrifice that the Brahmin and his family made was true gold. But that mongoose did not see such a great sacrifice in the whole world again, so only half of his body was of gold.


The work that is done with love is real gold. He is completely beyond any selfish motive. He is free from any negative feeling. If more and more people start loving their work then this world will become so beautiful and wonderful.



Each person has his own role and idols in his own life. Nobody can impose their thinking on anyone. Try to complete the role that you have got. Do not try to be like anyone else. You play your given role well with all your heart and take yourself closer to the truth.

For the exams, the elder of the household should perform his duties well towards his parents, wife, children, relatives and neighbors. He should take care of all their needs and protect them. This is his duty. A monk should renounce the world altogether. He should not think about family or wealth. His duty is to worship God, serve him and try to know more about him. You cannot ask the elder and the monks of that house to play each other’s roles. They have to fulfill their responsibilities. Paying your role properly makes us great.

1 Once there was a king who used to ask every monk who came in his kingdom, which one of them is great, a monk who has renounced the world or a man who takes care of the house and who fulfills his duty by staying in this society. Does “? Some learned people said that the monk is more noble. The king asked for proof of this. When he could not fulfill this condition, then the king’s order was that he should marry and settle down. The man is more noble. When he could not prove it, he too was ordered to marry and settle down. Then came a young monk who said that both the man of the house and the monk are great. Both of them have their own place Great. The king said “prove it”.

The young monk said “Go on a journey with me so that I can prove it”. The king left his kingdom and servants and went on a journey alone. He walked for miles, kept walking and finally reached a great state. The princess of that beautiful kingdom was looking for a good boy for marriage. She would organize an event every day to find a perfect man.

That princess was very beautiful. Whichever she chose as her husband, she would have the privilege of ruling the state with him when the time came. Many people came but the princess was not getting what she was looking for. He rejected everyone one by one. Then one day, he saw a very beautiful monk. The Sannyasi stopped to look at that beautiful kingdom just for a moment, but the prince fell in love with her.

She descended from her royal throne and went to him and put a garland around her neck which means that she has chosen the monk as her husband. That monk was left stunned. He removed the garland and gave it to Frank. He said “what the hell is that?” Do you not see that I am a monk? Marriage does not make sense to me. “The minister there said,” If you marry the princess, this entire kingdom will be ruled by you “. But this did not affect the monk. He quickly turned and started running away. But the princess did not accept this She was able to do it. Just the ghost of love was riding on her. She said “If I am not married to this man then I will die”. And she started running after that monk.

Those kings and monks who came to this state were watching everything very carefully. He started chasing the princess and the monk. That ascetic knew the path of that forest very well. He quickly got out of that state and started moving forward on your journey. That princess looked everywhere but that monk could not see her anywhere. She was very tired. Sitting under a tree, she started shedding tears in memory of that monk. That path was lost and she could not understand what to do. That king and monk went to him. He promised to help her. But it was very dark, so he could leave the forest only in the morning. So all three of them sat down to rest under that big tree.

On that tree, a blue colored bird lived with his wife and 3 children. The blue bird peeped out of its nest and looked down and said to his wife, “Listen, what will we do now? We have guests here and we don’t even have the stuff to fire for them. They stayed cool in this cold Will be “. So the bird flew down and lifted a burning branch. He pressed it in his beak and kept it in front of his guests. All three of them made a good bon fire by putting more branches in it. But that bird was still worried. He told his wife “What shall we do now? We don’t have food to give them. They must be very hungry”.

Then you cannot even imagine what he did, he presented himself in front of them. He jumped into that fire. All three tried hard to save him, but the fire had kept him roasting. Now his wife thought, there are 3 guests here. Just one bird is not enough. She thought it was her duty to help her husband. And so he too jumped into the fire.

Now their 3 children were left alone in the nest. He had seen his parents doing all this. All three agreed that they would have to fulfill their parents’ duty. All three also jumped into the fire and the fire also roasted them. Now there were 5 ripe birds. But the king, the monk and the princess did not mind. They were all stunned to see what these birds did. All three of them were hungry. They just started waiting for morning.

As soon as the first ray of dawn came out, the two first brought the princess home. She went back to her kingdom and father. Now that monk explained to the king, “O Rajan, today you have learned a very good lesson. Every man is great in his own place. There is no need to give one’s duty to another.”

If you want to live in the world, then you should be like those birds. He was also willing to sacrifice himself to serve others. If you want to leave the fascination of this world, then you should be like that monk. A beautiful girl and the pleasure of becoming the king of such a rich state could not even tempt her. Do your duty with all your heart. Then you will be able to live in peace and peace and only then you will be closer to God.





Karma comes from the Sanskrit word “kr”. It means “to do”. Karma means “the effect or result of every action”. In yoga, karma means “work”.

The character of a human being is made by merging all his or her experiences. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, happiness or pain, all these shape its character. These experiences lead him from ignorance to knowledge. What is the real motive behind your actions? People always do some work for a specific purpose. Some people used to get fame, some for power and some for wealth. Some people go to heaven and some to repent.

But the greatest and noble deed is simply work. For example, some people help and serve the poor. They do not do this to be famous or to create their own identity. They only do it because they believe in doing good deeds, they like to do these things. Does a man who considers work as work get anything? Yes, in fact, he is the most benefited. Karma done without any personal motive is best for the mind, body and soul. But it really needs a lot of self-control to bring it into our thinking and life.


Just work for 5 minutes without any selfish motive. You will also find it very difficult. Even the thought of not getting anything in return for some work makes us nervous, isn’t it? Therefore, working without any selfish motive shows your real power.

Try to do as much work as possible without expecting anything or getting any personal interest. A great person goes on doing many good deeds as if he is sowing the seeds of good deeds. He takes care of him every day but does not wish to sit near him for hours and grow and reap its fruits. He just keeps on doing his work, and gets more good plants. If you want to help someone, do not think about how that person will react. Don’t wait to thank him or hope that he too will do something for you in return. If you want to do good deeds then just stay on it. Instead of thinking about any reward, think about doing even more good deeds.

A great person goes on doing many good deeds as if he is sowing the seeds of good deeds.
A Great person goes on doing many good deeds.

Right now you have the passion to work for yourself. But practicing with time, you will learn to work without any selfishness. Practice self control daily. It will soon become your Habit and this Habit will become your character and culture.






The means used to fulfill your requirement, It is called Device. There are two types of devices in a computer.

i. Input Device

ii. Output Device

Let’s Describe

i. Input Device :- These are the devices through which we give input commands to the system. It is the following.

1) keyboard

2) Mouse

3) Mike

4) Light Pen

5) Scanner

6) Web Camera

7) Modem

Let’s Describe

1) keyboard :- It is an input device. By this we give input commands by typing in the computer. Like if we want to type Max in computer then we will type M, A, X, from the keyboard.

2) Mouse :- Through this, we give commands by clicking in the computer. There are three types of clicks.

i. L.H.S (Left Hand Click)

ii. C.C (Center Click)

III. R.H.S (Right Hand Click)

3) Mike :- Through this we can record any voice in the system and can also give voice commands from it.

4) Light Pen :- It is also a pointing device. It looks like a normal pen. It has a wire in the back side and a sensor in the bottom side which shows any work done on the monitor screen. By this we can do drawing or signature in the system.

5) Scanner :- Through this, we can scan any photo image, doc and save it as a file in the computer. It looks like a photostat machine. Through this, we can enter any type of information in a direct computer.

Electronic scanner

6) Web Camera :- Through this, we can see any photo in the system by dragging the snap as a file and it is used by two computer operators on the Internet to see each other.

7) Modem :- It is an input and output device. Through this we can run internet in the system.


ii. Output Device :- These are the devices by which we see the input input into the computer as output after processing. These are the following.

1. Monitor

2. Printer

3. Speaker

4. Modem

Let’s Describe

1. Monitor :- It is an output device. Through this, we can see the input command given in the system as a result after processing it.

2. Printer :- It is an output device. Through this, we can see the command given in the system as an output on the page after processing.

Types Of  Printer

i. Dot-Matrix Printer (D.M.P)

ii. Inkjet Printer

iii. Laser Printer

Let’s Describe

i. Dot-Matrix Printer (D.M.P) :- The printout taken by this printer is in the form of a dot on the paper. The printout taken by it is quite cheap.

Dot matrix printer on the white desk.

ii. Inkjet Printer :- The printout taken by this printer is on the paper as a dark ink. The printout taken by it is quite expensive.

iii. Laser Printer :- The printout taken by this printer is in normal form on paper. The printout taken by it is as cheap and light as ink.

3. Speaker :- It is an output device. By this we can hear the voice of any voice command as an output.

4. Modem :- It is an input and output device. Through this we can run internet in the system.


1. First Generation (1946-1954)

2. Second Generation (1955-1964)

3. Third Generation (1965-1974)

4. Forth Generation (1975 to Till Now)

Let’s Describe

1. First Generation :- The vacuum tube used in computers of this time was quite large. Due to which the size of the computer was also greatly increased. They emit more heat and were quite expensive.

2. Second Generation :- In this time, transistors were used in place of vacuum tubes in computers. This made the computer size smaller than before. It started leaving less heat. It started working in a very short time. In seconds instead of minutes.

Electronic Transistor
Electronic Transistor

3. Third Generation :- In this time, IC (Integrated circuits) were used instead of transistors in computers, which reduced the size of the computer earlier and started working in micro seconds instead of seconds.


4. Forth Generation :- In this time, processors are used instead of  I.C in computers. With this, the size of the computer has already become smaller and it now works in naro seconds instead of the micro second.





The best teachers don’t give you the answer, they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself.


T_A_L_E _N_T_E_D




H_E_L_P_I_N_G  H_A_N_D





The primary role of a teacher is to provide classroom instruction that helps students learn. … In addition to ensuring that students experience educational success, teachers must also act as surrogate parents, mentors and counselors, and even nearly-politicians. There is no limit to the roles played by the teacher.

The character of the teacher in life is very special, they are like the background music in someone’s life, whose presence is not seen on stage, but its presence brings life to the drama. Similarly, a teacher also has a role in our life. Whether you are at any stage of life, everyone needs a teacher. In India, September 5 is celebrated as Teachers’ Day, which is the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan. He was the first Vice President of India and the second President who was a teacher before taking up these positions.


Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5 September 1888 in Tiruttani, forty miles north-east of Madras in South India. His early years were spent in Tirthanagari and Tirupati, both famous as pilgrimage centers.

He received a Master of Arts degree from the University of Madras.


Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is celebrated to honor our selfless teachers for their valuable work. September 5 is the birthday of our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who had requested to celebrate his birthday as Teacher’s Day to honor teachers across India. He loved the teaching profession.


Our teachers not only make us better from the academic point of view, but also make us good morally by increasing our level of knowledge and belief. To do good in life, he inspires us to make every impossible task possible.


Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher who has given 40 years of his life to the teaching profession. He was noted for his contribution and role of teachers in the lives of students. That’s why he was the first person to think of teachers.




It is an electronic device. In this we give the input command which is processed in the CPU and shows the result as the output on the monitor screen.


•It is a main device of a computer. •It contains an input command that is processed in the CPU and displays the result as an output on the monitor screen. •It has 3 parts internally.


1. A.L.U (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

2. M.U (Memory Unit)

3. CU (Control Unit)

Let’s Describe

1. A.L.U (Arithmetic Logic Unit) :- In this part of the CPU we do mathmatical work exm.  +, – , / , * ,etc , logiral < , > , ?

2. M.U (Memory Unit) :- It is a main part of CPU so it is also called CPU BRAIN. In this part of the CPU, we share file, data etc. It has two parts.

i. Primary Memory

ii. Secondary Memory

Let’s Describe

1.  Primary Memory :- In this part of the memory we can set the attribute in the file etc. Primary memory also has 2 parts.

A. RAM – (Read Access Memory)

B. ROM – (Read only Memory)

Let’s Describe

A. RAM – (Read Access Memory) :- In this section of primary memory, we can change it inside the created file and save it.

Random Access Memory

B. ROM – (Read only Memory) :- In this section of primary memory, we can only view and read the created file. You cannot do any kind of changing in it.

ii. Secondary Memory :- After creating files and data in primary memory, it is sent to secondary memory device to save, store.

Types Of Secondary Memory Device

A. Floppy Disk

B. Hard Disk

C. CD- ROM(Compact Disk-Read Only Memory)

Let’s Describe

A. Floppy Disk :-

  • It is an input and output device.
  • In this we can save and store files or data etc.
  • The storage capacity of this disk is 1.44 MB.This disc is removable.
  • It has a right protect button through which we can convert the floppy to RAM and ROM.

B. Hard Disk :-

  • It is the main part of the CPU so it is also called the heart of the CPU.
  • In this we load operating system, software, songs, movies, pictures data etc.
  • The capacity to store this disk is several hundred times more in a floppy. This disc is removable.
Hard Disk

C. CD- ROM(Compact Disk-Read Only Memory) :-

  • It is a secondary memory device.
  • We can only see and read the data kept in this media. You cannot do any kind of changing in it.

3. CU (Control Unit) :- It is the main part of the CPU. This part contains the input command and designates which command to go to ALU and which command to MU.



Nothing is impossible
The word itself says
I’m possible.
-Audrey Hepburn

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

-Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.

-Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.

-Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

-Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

-Mark Twain
If you want to
Like a sun..!
burn like a sun…
-Abdul kalam

is when your
Change to

-Abdul kalam