• Albert Einstein was born in Ulm.
  • In the Kingdom of Württemberg in the German Empire.
  • Albert Einstein was a German mathematician and physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity.
  • In 1921, he won the Nobel Prize for physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect.
  • Birth Date: March 14, 1879
  • Death Date: April 18, 195
Einstein at the age of 3 in 1882
Einstein at the age of 3 in 1882


Einstein could not speak till the age of two years, so his parents took him to the doctor. He was afraid that he might be dumb. But then Einstein started speaking. He used to repeat loudly before speaking anything. Due to this habit, his family started thinking of him as a special child.


Father Herman Einstein and Mother Pauline of Albert Einstein were coaches. Harman was a proud businessman, while Pauline was a lady with a strong will. Together, they were raising their children with great love and tried to give them a comfortable life in every way.


Einstein used to listen to music whenever he had any difficulty, especially while developing the theory of Journal Relativity, he used to play the violin alone in his apartment at night. Many times, if he came to an idea in the middle of the period, he would shout “I got it”. Albert studied at the age of 15 from the Luitpold Gymnasium.


He wanted to study at the Zurich Polytechnic. So he went to Switzerland where he had passed the entrance exam of Science and Math in first class but failed miserably in French, Politics, Literature. Well, despite this, he got admission.



Albert Einstein was now 17 years old. He used to attend special classes in Math and Physics. His mother had relatives in Zurich who cared for Albert. He used to get a monthly Pokemon of 100 Swiss Franks. Out of which Albert used to spend his student lodging. He used to save 20 francs every month so that he could become a Swiss citizen.


The most important thing Zurich Polytechnic did with him was that he met his future wife here, Mileva Merrick. Who was the daughter of a proud Serbian farmer.

Albert and Mileva Einstein, 1912
Albert and Mileva Einstein, 1912


At the end of the year, Einstein wrote two more papers to Conrad Habicht. Fourth paper was about special relativity. And the fifth paper was about Einstein’s famous equation (E = mc2.


Meanwhile, he sent his fifth and final paper to Habicht which is his famous formula. Einstein derived the formula of E = mc2 from the theory of reality. The energy of an object is equal to its mass, which is multiplied by the square of speed of light. Speed ​​of light is a big number in itself.



In his 75th year, Einstein had an aneurysm disease in the stomach. He had a fatal stomach ache but he still used to come to the Daily Institute. His theory of everything was still in search. He used to fill his blackboard with equation. Everyday he would work on his theory with a new approach. But somewhere there was something missing and he used to get stuck at the starting point. Also quantum mechanics used to roam in his mind.


And on the morning of Sunday, Einstein asked his personal assistant to bring his glasses, pencils and paper. He was feeling a little better, so he wanted to do some calculations. As long as they could work, they did, after that when the pain was not tolerated, they went to sleep. And Monday, April 18, 1955, at about 1 o’clock, Einstein, at the age of 76, said goodbye to this world forever.



Otto Nathan, Einstein’s close friend, was deeply shocked by his death. And that’s why he did not notice when the pathologist of Princeton University cut his Einstein’s skull from the electric saw and removed his brain. Fifth grade children were discussing Einstein’s death at Nest Morning Princeton. A young boy said “My dad has taken out his brain” The man who took out Einstein’s brain, and presided for 40 years, was Thomas Harvey. When he hid the brain inside a cookie jar like the world’s most precious thing.


Then for several years after that, Harvey Einstein’s brain samples were sent to those researchers who wanted to get his brain ready. He would send a slide researcher of the brain and ask if you would like to research it. In this way, Einstein’s brain was sliced ​​into pieces several times but nothing useful came out. When Thomas Harvey was 85 years old, he decided that he would now pass on his precious treasure to someone. He went to Princeton University with a cookie jar with a brain. And handed him over to the current pathologist.


In the recent research conducted in recent years, 17% more neurons were found in their brain than the normal brain. Their corpus callosum, ie the fiber between the two parts of the brain, was much thicker than the average. But now the question is whether Einstein’s brain was born or was it because of his constant thinking?



How to set goals in 7 steps

Think about the results you want to see. Before you set a goal, take a closer look at what you’re trying to achieve and ask yourself the following questions: …
Create SMART goals. …


Write your goals down. …
Create an action plan. …
Create a timeline. …
Take action. …
Re-evaluate and assess your progress.


Success is the goal of everyone’s life. However, whether in success education or career or in family life, these journals want everyone to be successful. Most people find success to be an out of reach and impossible thing. But the success formula in reality is quite simple, just start Believe on yourself that you can. And when you start to believe that you can do something, then you will really do it. And once you are determined to do something, then you will understand yourself how to do something.


This disease is called excusestis. People who travel through this do not see this, but we often confer some aspects of our life and consider them responsible for their failure. When people ask us what happened, why are we not progressing, we make excuses like – “I have health issues or am I too old or I am not as intelligent or I am unlucky”

Once during a sales training program, there was a trainee named Cecil. But Cecil had a big lack of confidence because he felt that he was too old for this job. She was so convinced that what she wanted to become could never be made because she felt that it was too late. Later during the beans training, the host asked Cecil if he knew when the man’s productive life started and when and.

So Cecil gave a practical answer saying that man can work for 20 to 70 years. And she was surprised by her own answer! Cecil realizes that she has not even reached the halfway point of her productive age, and yet she is nervous about moving forward. There is no boundary of success. We have to go ahead and remove our failure mentality even if it is hidden somewhere inside us.


For some people, fear is just a game of mind. But the truth is that fear is real and before it controls us, we have to recognize it. A group of Navy recruits were tested for swimming ability. Most of them were young boys who were afraid of the depth of the water, even a few feet deep. In an exercise, he was asked to jump into the water from 15 feet. Nobody dared to jump into the water. The Navy officer asked volunteers to come forward but no one came.

The officer got an idea, he took the name of a recruit and called him to himself. When that recruits came to him, the officer said something slowly to him and pushed him into the water pool. Seeing this, all the recruits were shocked, the recruits which were pushed did not even come above the water. Everyone was scared and afraid that what would happen now, then suddenly he was seen stroking in the water. He was trying his best to get out of the water, he was evacuated from the pool with the help of a professional swimmer.

When the officer asked him if he would like to continue training, Recroot said yes to a big confidant! And he also said that he is ready to jump into the water again so that he can overcome his fear and learn swimming. You saw Action is the treatment of fear. Fear only prevents us from Believe that we can do something. It forbids us to grow like Possibilities. Through positive thoughts, you can build your confidence and remit the fear from your mind. Try to see the bright side of things and face your problems with optimism. When we hope and take any action in reality, then the fear in you will automatically disappear.


A rich man was driving his expensive car. When he was going to meet his rich friends after parking the car at a nearby restaurant, he notices that a boy was watching his brand new car very carefully. When the rich man smiled upon seeing that boy, the boy told him how cool and expensive his car was. On this, the rich man said to the confidence “It is not as expansive, it is gifted by his brother”. The boy did not say anything after listening to that man.


The rich man asked him whether he too is dreaming of getting such an expensive car? But the man was surprised to hear that boy’s answer. “No, but wondering how I can be rich like your brother”? If we see things as they can be and not as they are now, then we can add a great value in them. So stretch your vision and do not just stare at what is visible but visualize what can happen in the future. And imagine a bigger and better picture of your success. 


Creative Thinking is a requirement for success. And to think in the creative way, we have to think of some new and improved ways of doing what we do. The thinking of creative thinking is to think in a better way. This is the thinking that always encourages us to create a better world.


In order to save money, a man ate four months in a cheap restaurant. There was no cleanliness in that place, the food was also rubbish and the service was in bad shape, but in order to save money, the man used to eat silently without being compliant. One day he called him for lunch at the best restaurant in town. There his friend ordered the businessmen’s lunch, then the man also ordered the beans. The man was surprised to see what happened after that. Good food was served in front of him, service was also first class, good enviornment. And the biggest thing is that the price here was just a little higher than what he was paying for the last four months in that cheap restaurant.

The man got a big lesson. To become a first class, you must first behave like a first class! We should not stop enjoying ourselves in life. First class means the best, and this is what we want to be. Think of yourself as you do first class service – first class service, first class job, first class celery and first class life. Do not let the people with small thinking become an obstacle in your path. Stay with people who are positive and who keep first class way of thinking. Believe yourself that you can become a first class everywhere and in everything.


As we have also mentored earlier that the treatment of fear is action. Action will not only eliminate fear but it is also a main factor that an employer sees in an employee. Nothing happens with just thinking, it is the action that generates real and visible results.


A round is an objective or purpose. And there is also a desire and also a plan which gives us success. When you want to achieve something, set the goal. Setting goals is very important because it gives us the purpose and motivation to do something.



The Tatas: How a Family Built a Busines…


Tata, a name that the child of India knows. The Tata group has a huge hand in building the foundation of New India. Tata has done a lot for the progress and betterment of the country which the countrymen will always remember. Tata Business Group does not just think about earning profit but believes in taking every class of the society along and that is its real identity. We will learn what are the qualities inside a businessman that help him to keep his business sustainable.


Tata Group is an Indian global business and we can speak this from Proud. But what is the secret of this financial success of the Tata group? How did their journey begin? What is Tata culture? Name, power, money and success- Tata has everything. But what makes them different from the rest of the world bilineers? You will read the answers to all these questions and many other things in it.

The Tata group was started by a man named Nusserwan. When he was born in 1822, an astrologer had said that one day Nusravan would rule the whole world. He will become a very rich man, but every child born in Navsari was born with good luck. But Nusrawanji was different from Tata Auro because he showed the truth about that astrologer. As was the custom in those days, Nusrawanji Tata was also married in childhood. And at the age of 17, he also became the father of a son. The child was named Jamshed.

For him, his village was the whole world. But Nusrawanji was different, he wanted to go to Mumbai and start a business. He was the first person in his family to have gone out of Navsari. Nusrawanji was neither more educated – he had no business worth money, even he had no knowledge of business. But yes, he definitely had a passion to do something. His dreams were very big and these dreams brought him to Mumbai. He also took his wife and son with him. Going to Mumbai, he started a cotton business with the help of a friend.

The business of the Tata family was doing well. They used to export opium and cotton to China and Europe and used to import tea, textiles and gold in India. His business was growing rapidly, and soon Jamshedji opened his second office in Shanghai. Jamshed ji established Tata business in Europe.

then Cruise ships did not even run , so people used to travel with their cargo. In fact, Jamshed ji sometimes had to travel with livestock. Chicken, pig’s etc. were transported for fresh meat. But Jamsetji tolerated everything, the smell of animals, long journeys and sea-sickness, all because he had his eye on the goal. His dream was to open a Tata office in London.


Jamsetji learned a lot about manufacturing by going to England. Now he wanted to do cotton manufacturing as well as manufacturing business. In 1873, Jamshedji opened his own spinning and weaving mill. At that time most of the businessmen used to open mills in Bombay or Ahmedabad but Jamsetji chose Nagpur City Chuj which was close to Cotton Fars. Jamsetji ordered the best quality machinery from England and also hired machinery operation experts. He named his new business Empress Mills.

But the biggest challenge in running the mill was Nagpur’s work culture. People of Nagpur were more comfortable while in Bombay, people used to work on vacation days also. But in Nagpur only 80% people used to work everyday. People used to take leave on small matters. In such a situation, instead of giving punishments to the employees, Jamsetji came up with a positive solution. He took out the Provident Fund Scheme for Employees so that even after retirement, the life of the people can run smoothly. Jamsetji also started an insurance scheme.


Is a Rolls-Royce England made truck. Mercedes Benz German car and Ford American. Toyota is from Japan and Volvo is from Sweden. In those days no car was made in India. Telco started And from this Ratan Tata pulled out two cars, Tata Sierra and Tata Estate. But these models were so expensive that only rich and famous people could buy them. Then Ratan Tata got the idea to build a 100% Indian family car.


Ratan Tata was extremely disappointed by the public opinion. Then the new version of Tata Motors Indica brought Indica 2.0 i.e. Indica V2. And with this new car, Ratan Tata had proved that we too have the ability to make 100% Indian but world class quality cars. This new model was better than the previous one. The BBC gave it the Best Car Award. It also won many market surveys.

At this point, Tata Motors started running in full form. Ratan Tata wanted to give this message to the people that if we believe in ourselves then there is nothing impossible. He wanted to convince the young engineers of the country that we Indians can also make world class things. He wants to teach all Indians to believe in themselves. No one had thought of a Fully Indian Made car before Ratan Tata. But today Tata Motors is hoisting the flag of India all over the world.


Capitalism with a heart The aim of Tata culture is not just to do charity but to build social wealth. The Tata group believes that if the community grows, the business will also grow. In 1982, Jamsetji gave financial help to some local doctors so that they could go to England for higher education.

The purpose of the Tata group is not just to earn money, Jamsetji always tried to contribute to the society. Thinking that our country did not have to import things from outside, he had also opened a steel plant. His Artificial Lake was a large MBecial project. If he wanted, he could open another business with that money, but he knew how much India needed to become an independent in hydroelectricity power. He also knew that the country desperately needed engineers and scientists, that is why he started a science institute by selling his properties.

The three chairmen of the Tata group are very influential, quite different from each other. Jamsetji was a typical Parsi, Shaklo from Surat as well as manner. And they used to keep shawls as was the custom among Parsi marines at that time. JRD Tata was different, he seemed to be a forerunner and always wore suits. They used to keep clean shaves, so they used to give some friendly gestures as well. And Ratan Tata is an introvert, he is very reserve nature but gentle and humble. The leadership style of the three is also quite different from each other.

J. R. D. Tata


Believe in yourself – that’s what Lenson Ratan Tata wants to give to every Indian. There are also multi billion dollar companies in India, Flipkart, Pay – Tm. Microsoft has an Indian CEO. So who says that India cannot touch new heights? But first you have to believe in yourself that you too can do something. Whatever your career, Believe in yourself that you can. When you believe that there is nothing impossible then you will live a life where there will be no limit.





  • Computer word came from the Latin word ‘computer’ which means calculate.
  • computer is an electronic device, which can perform arithmetical and logical calculation very fast and accurate.
  • it processes the data by accepting the data the instructions from the user and it converts the informati-on in the desired result.

  • Common
  • Operating
  • Machine
  • Personally
  • Used for
  • Technical
  • Educational
  • Research

The Advantage of computer are as below


  • Computer is a fast electronic device; It can perform millions of calculations in a fragment of second.
  • Thespeed of computer is high compared to human or any other machine.


  • The calculations performed by the computer are highly reliable and accurate.
  • It also shows spelling errors, words repeating etc.


  • Like human brain, computer has its own memory, which can retain very large amount of data until we desire to loose it.


  • Computer, unlike human being, is free from axhaustion or lack of concentration.
  • It never gets bored, tired, and irritates by repeating the same work again and again.


  • The computer is very much flexible in performing the jobs provided to it.
  • It can do different kind of jobs provided to it in a logical sequence.
Industrial technology concept.

The Disadvantages of computer are as below

  • A computer has no brain or intelligence of its own.
  • It cannot learn with experience.
  • It can only perform operations at instructed by the user.
  • It has no common sense, due to which it can carry out the instructions only as long as user needs.
  • It can understand instructions no matter whether they are right or wrong.

There are two basic types of computers



1. Analog Computers

Analog computers handle and process physical types of information. Such as temperature pressure etc. It is based on measuring analog or its equivalent physical value.

2. Digital Computers

Digital computers process information that is a binary recall two state form as mean 0 and 1. In computing terms, we talk about more digital type computers. Digital computers fall under different ranges known as micro computer, mini computers, mainframe and super computers.


  • Programs and data are entered into the computer by a keyboard that is attached to a computer.
  • The keyboard is similar to a typewriter keyboard. It has alphabets, digites, special characters, function keys, and some control keys.
  • Whenever a key is pressed, an electronic signal is generated that is detected by an electronic circuit, called a keyboard encoder.

  • Key
  • Electronic
  • Yet
  • Board
  • Operating
  • A to Z (Alphabets)
  • Response
  • Directly


  • The mouse is a pointing device. It is held in one hand and is moved around on a flat surface.
  • The mouse is used to draw sketches, diagrams etc. on the monitor screen.
  • A normal mouse has two or three buttons. What do mouse buttons do. It depends on the application program running on your PC.

  • Manually
  • Operating
  • Using
  • Selection
  • Equipment