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Tata, a name that the child of India knows. The Tata group has a huge hand in building the foundation of New India. Tata has done a lot for the progress and betterment of the country which the countrymen will always remember. Tata Business Group does not just think about earning profit but believes in taking every class of the society along and that is its real identity. We will learn what are the qualities inside a businessman that help him to keep his business sustainable.


Tata Group is an Indian global business and we can speak this from Proud. But what is the secret of this financial success of the Tata group? How did their journey begin? What is Tata culture? Name, power, money and success- Tata has everything. But what makes them different from the rest of the world bilineers? You will read the answers to all these questions and many other things in it.

The Tata group was started by a man named Nusserwan. When he was born in 1822, an astrologer had said that one day Nusravan would rule the whole world. He will become a very rich man, but every child born in Navsari was born with good luck. But Nusrawanji was different from Tata Auro because he showed the truth about that astrologer. As was the custom in those days, Nusrawanji Tata was also married in childhood. And at the age of 17, he also became the father of a son. The child was named Jamshed.

For him, his village was the whole world. But Nusrawanji was different, he wanted to go to Mumbai and start a business. He was the first person in his family to have gone out of Navsari. Nusrawanji was neither more educated – he had no business worth money, even he had no knowledge of business. But yes, he definitely had a passion to do something. His dreams were very big and these dreams brought him to Mumbai. He also took his wife and son with him. Going to Mumbai, he started a cotton business with the help of a friend.

The business of the Tata family was doing well. They used to export opium and cotton to China and Europe and used to import tea, textiles and gold in India. His business was growing rapidly, and soon Jamshedji opened his second office in Shanghai. Jamshed ji established Tata business in Europe.

then Cruise ships did not even run , so people used to travel with their cargo. In fact, Jamshed ji sometimes had to travel with livestock. Chicken, pig’s etc. were transported for fresh meat. But Jamsetji tolerated everything, the smell of animals, long journeys and sea-sickness, all because he had his eye on the goal. His dream was to open a Tata office in London.


Jamsetji learned a lot about manufacturing by going to England. Now he wanted to do cotton manufacturing as well as manufacturing business. In 1873, Jamshedji opened his own spinning and weaving mill. At that time most of the businessmen used to open mills in Bombay or Ahmedabad but Jamsetji chose Nagpur City Chuj which was close to Cotton Fars. Jamsetji ordered the best quality machinery from England and also hired machinery operation experts. He named his new business Empress Mills.

But the biggest challenge in running the mill was Nagpur’s work culture. People of Nagpur were more comfortable while in Bombay, people used to work on vacation days also. But in Nagpur only 80% people used to work everyday. People used to take leave on small matters. In such a situation, instead of giving punishments to the employees, Jamsetji came up with a positive solution. He took out the Provident Fund Scheme for Employees so that even after retirement, the life of the people can run smoothly. Jamsetji also started an insurance scheme.


Is a Rolls-Royce England made truck. Mercedes Benz German car and Ford American. Toyota is from Japan and Volvo is from Sweden. In those days no car was made in India. Telco started And from this Ratan Tata pulled out two cars, Tata Sierra and Tata Estate. But these models were so expensive that only rich and famous people could buy them. Then Ratan Tata got the idea to build a 100% Indian family car.


Ratan Tata was extremely disappointed by the public opinion. Then the new version of Tata Motors Indica brought Indica 2.0 i.e. Indica V2. And with this new car, Ratan Tata had proved that we too have the ability to make 100% Indian but world class quality cars. This new model was better than the previous one. The BBC gave it the Best Car Award. It also won many market surveys.

At this point, Tata Motors started running in full form. Ratan Tata wanted to give this message to the people that if we believe in ourselves then there is nothing impossible. He wanted to convince the young engineers of the country that we Indians can also make world class things. He wants to teach all Indians to believe in themselves. No one had thought of a Fully Indian Made car before Ratan Tata. But today Tata Motors is hoisting the flag of India all over the world.


Capitalism with a heart The aim of Tata culture is not just to do charity but to build social wealth. The Tata group believes that if the community grows, the business will also grow. In 1982, Jamsetji gave financial help to some local doctors so that they could go to England for higher education.

The purpose of the Tata group is not just to earn money, Jamsetji always tried to contribute to the society. Thinking that our country did not have to import things from outside, he had also opened a steel plant. His Artificial Lake was a large MBecial project. If he wanted, he could open another business with that money, but he knew how much India needed to become an independent in hydroelectricity power. He also knew that the country desperately needed engineers and scientists, that is why he started a science institute by selling his properties.

The three chairmen of the Tata group are very influential, quite different from each other. Jamsetji was a typical Parsi, Shaklo from Surat as well as manner. And they used to keep shawls as was the custom among Parsi marines at that time. JRD Tata was different, he seemed to be a forerunner and always wore suits. They used to keep clean shaves, so they used to give some friendly gestures as well. And Ratan Tata is an introvert, he is very reserve nature but gentle and humble. The leadership style of the three is also quite different from each other.

J. R. D. Tata


Believe in yourself – that’s what Lenson Ratan Tata wants to give to every Indian. There are also multi billion dollar companies in India, Flipkart, Pay – Tm. Microsoft has an Indian CEO. So who says that India cannot touch new heights? But first you have to believe in yourself that you too can do something. Whatever your career, Believe in yourself that you can. When you believe that there is nothing impossible then you will live a life where there will be no limit.


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