Think and grow rich [Part-2]

STEP – 8 Persistence

“Be persistent no matter how slowly you may, at first, have to move. With persistence will come success.” To have persistence, you must first establish your purpose. What do you want to achieve and what drives you to work for it? You must have a strong motivation.

Trust yourself. You have enough skills and knowledge to succeed. You can devise an exact plan on how to do it. Maintain a good relationship with people who can help you.

Practice your will power. Focus on your plan and disregard your fears. Remember that, “Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With persistence you will win.”

Many people wait for the big “break” in their lives. It may be a dream job or a good business opportunity. But they only become disappointed. “Breaks” only equal our efforts. It doesn’t occur instantly. By organizing a plan and being persistent, we pave the way for the “big breaks” in our career.

Now, some people may have strong desire and precise plan to succeed. But why don’t they achieve it? This is because they give up easily. They quit after experiencing a failure. Defeat is only temporary.

The answer to defeat is persistence. “Sometimes it appears that there is a hidden Guide whose duty is to test men through all sorts of discouraging experiences.” Defeat is only a test. If you have turned persistence into a habit, then surely you will overcome defeat and reach victory. Eventually, you will become successful in any endeavour you have.

STEP – 9 Power of the Master Mind

There is a saying that goes, “Knowledge is power.” But knowledge as it is cannot be used to gain riches. Knowledge is power only if it is structured and aimed to a goal. The Master Mind is a group of people who can increase your knowledge and therefore your power. These are people who have the same desire and purpose as you.

Take for example a set of electric batteries. A single battery can only yield a small amount of energy. But when it is joined with a few more, their energy will last longer and stronger. When you have a Master Mind group, they can help you become more powerful. They can also help you overcome your weakness.

Before Henry Ford owned his corporation, he was poor, ignorant and illiterate. But he surrounded himself with fifty trusted men in the business. He also became friends with Thomas Edison. Ford maintained harmony and cooperation with these great minds to become as powerful as he is.

Because of the support and alliance that Henry Ford got from his Master Mind group, he won over poverty and ignorance. He mastered literacy and intelligence in just ten years. After 25 years, he became the richest man in his country.

There are, indeed, many economic advantages of having a Master Mind group. But it also has a psychic advantage. “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible power, which can be likened to a third mind.”

The group increases the power of the individual. In essence, two minds are better than one. If there is a good working relationship within a group, they can achieve much more than any individual. They can create wonders and possess a great power more than a single person can ever imagine.

STEP – 10 The Subconscious Mind

We do not have control over our subconscious mind. But it governs over all our desires, emotions and decisions. What we can do is to fill our conscious mind with positive thoughts. Over time, our positive thoughts will be implanted in our subconscious. That is how we can achieve success.

Smiling young African American woman in white shirt looking at colorful brain sketch with gears drawn on concrete wall. Concept of brainstorming

To improve your subconscious, fill your mind with thoughts of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. Avoid polluting your mind with fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger. These negative thoughts would not direct you to success and wealth. They would only pull you down to poverty.

You possess right now your very personal plan to succeed. You know your way to riches. However, the plan is locked in your subconscious. You cannot access it by having negative thoughts. Put the positive thoughts into practice so that you will remember them better.

Try to do small things every day. Make a habit out of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope. Let go of fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger.

STEP – 11 The Brain

The human brain is a very powerful machine. It is both a sending and receiving device. The power of thought plays a big part in achieving success. All the thirteen steps can be started by thinking. Everything from desire, to imagination, to persistence can be worked out in the brain.

Did you know that there are ten to fourteen billion of nerve cells in the brain’s cerebral cortex? What is more amazing is that they are all arranged in an orderly manner. This pattern of nerve cells makes us humans function not only physically. The brain is also responsible for our mental and emotional state.

It is indeed true that we can think and grow rich. We can plant positive thoughts in our brain to attract good opportunities. We can transform our intense desire to actual plans and actions. We can decide quickly and choose not to quit when failing. We can also put our sexual energy into creative use. All these can happen inside our own brain.

If you practice stimulating your mind, you can even increase your knowledge and potential to succeed. You can pick up and learn more from other brains. Mental telepathy can be possible if you work closely with your Master Mind group. By having discussions, you can share and create ideas like having a single brain.

Use your brain. Always stimulate it with new ideas. Apply what you have learned in this book and make it a habit. You can go back to the chapters as often as you can. Repeat the statement that would make you money-conscious. You would not be far from financial success.

STEP- 12 The Sixth Sense

The last of the thirteen steps to riches is the sixth sense. You cannot master the sixth sense without mastering the other twelve steps. The sixth sense is part of our subconscious mind. It deals with our creative imagination. It connects us with the Infinite Intelligence of the world.

Sometimes, we experience flashes of thoughts or “hunches”. This is our sixth sense working. We can only access it through extreme concentration. Great minds like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Mohammed have mastered the use of their sixth sense. They have done great things with their hunches.

The sixth sense connects both our mental and spiritual state. It serves as the medium between our own brain and the Infinite Intelligence. The sixth sense is not only useful for creating ideas. It also warns us against danger by means of hunches.

Infinite Intelligence is the power “which permeates every atom of matter, and embraces every unit of energy perceptible to man.” It also “causes water to flow downhill…follows night with day, and winter with summer, each maintaining its proper place and relationship to the other.”

By practicing our sixth sense,we can connect easily with Infinite Intelligence. Just like the geniuses, we can transform our desires to material form. As humans, we are defined by the desires and thoughts that dominate our mind. We can choose between failure and success just by thinking.

The road to success starts with desire. As you go along the thirteen steps to riches, you will gain wisdom. To succeed is to understand one’s self and other people. Ultimately, a successful person understands the laws of nature and happiness. You can go over the thirteen steps anytime to gain high level of mind stimulation.

You are now equipped with the thirteen steps to riches. In the last chapter, you will learn how to fight fear. It is fear which limits you to your present situation. Without fear, you can start your journey to riches.

STEP – 13 How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

You have enemies which hinder you from getting rich. They are indecision, doubt, fear, worry and negative influences. It is often that one leads to another. If you don’t fight against them, they would only get worse.

Indecision and doubt creates fear. There are six basic fears namely, fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss love, old age and death. Each of them can limit a person’s ability. But the thing is,fear is only a state of mind. This means that you have control over your fear. There is one thing that humans have absolute control over and that is our thoughts. “Man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent.” The thoughts that exist in your mind will determine your social, professional, business and financial destiny.

Even disease becomes real if you constantly fear ill health. That is why it is important to strengthen your will power. Some people appear to be more lucky and superior than others. This is because of the thinking they have. They implant in their mind that they have the ability, experience and intelligence to succeed. And so, it becomes reality.

Do not be weak against criticism. Do not listen to relatives or anyone who says you cannot do it. Criticism will only destroy your imagination, damage your confidence and limit your individuality. “Keep your mind closed against all people who depress or discourage you in any way.”

Relieve yourself of worry. Do not worry about what other people think. Accept the reality of old age and death. If you fear the loss of love, learn to get along with no one but yourself. “Nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry.” Choose to have peace of mind and happiness.


Andrew Carnegie is the pioneer of steel business in America. He told the author Napoleon Hill of the secret to success. Carnegie encouraged Hill to devote years in order to study wealthy men and how they achieved success.

The secret comes in two parts. The first part is already in your possession and that is desire. If you have a burning desire to get rich, it will become reality. The second part, of course, is mind control. Use your desire to control the thoughts that dominate your mind. You can apply the secret by using the thirteen steps to riches. If you accept poverty in your life, then you remain poor. You would not do actions that will change it.

You already have the road map to riches. You know of the thirteen steps. If you decide not to start now, you have no one else to blame but you. If you decide to stop before you succeed, then surely you will fail.

You have full responsibility of your destiny. You have the power to determine your social, professional, and financial outcome. Instead of making alibis, start controlling your thoughts.Remember that, “Whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

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