Think and grow rich [Part-1]

Success can be found in any profession or career. And even an illiterate or less educated person can become rich. And this secret writer wants to share with his readers how exactly 500 rich people got such huge success in their life? And this secret is only for those who are ready to know it. Those who applied this secret fulfilled their dream of becoming rich.

If you want money, honor, personality, peace and happiness in your life, then you can know its secret from those rich people. As you cross these thirteen steps, you will get closer to that secret. Now get ready because the chance that you are going to get your hands will change your life. Napoleon Hill has given us a clue of this secret “There is an idea behind the beginning of all progress, all richness.

STEP – 1 Desire

When you want something wholeheartedly, then it becomes a reality in front of you. By constantly thinking about your dream, you start looking for ways to achieve it. There is a term called money-cohesiveness which means to be crazy about money, that is, a desire to earn a lot of money in your mind, it is a state of mind where you start thinking of yourself as already rich. If money is being made, then you start making money here. Here are 6 steps that will definitely make you money – first, think of how much money you want to earn.

It would not be enough to just say that I have to earn a lot of money. You have to think of a fix amount so that you can fulfill your dream come true. The second step is that you have to decide what you can do to earn so much money because you are getting something for free and the third step is Deciding the date on which you will be able to get your planned amount, the fourth step will be to think of a special plan that allows you to earn this money and after making an R plan, you have to move forward on that path without hesitation.

Your fifth step will be that you write your full proof plan somewhere, how much amount you want, how long you want and what your plan will be, you should write everything on a paper and finally the sixth step is to give this statement in a day. Read and remember the times.

If you really want to become rich, then it is not a difficult thing for you to follow these steps, in this way you will see and feel and also believe that you have money, keep repeating it and you will become money-cohesive.

Remember one thing that “before every big achievement is achieved it is a dream”

STEP – 2

There is such a force in this university that brings us to those things that we believe in, when we think positively, then everything starts to be good with us. But when we think negative then bad things happen automatically.

If seen, there is no such thing as bed luck or bad luck. Just what we believe matters. Some people unnecessarily consider themselves unlucky and some consider themselves always poor. If we start to believe that we cannot change our circumstances then it means that we have written our misfortune ourselves. Because as we make up our mind, the same things will start happening in reality.

Now if you create fear and doubt in your mind then you will always be afraid and will not be able to trust yourself. By doing this, you are tying yourself in a realm which will be difficult to come out of. It is very important to have confidence in yourself to become Money Koshes. Remember that every moment you see yourself rich, feel and believe.

Believe yourself that one day you will earn a lot of money. People who speak on everything that they are poor, such people never become rich. Whatever we want to become, we can become that by believing in ourselves. Just as the thoughts we fill in the mind, one day our truth becomes.

So it is your choice whether you choose poverty or richness. Take care to be rich once in your mind, then your confidence will remove all the limits for you and will give you success.

STEP – 3 Auto – Suggestion

Our sub-concious mind is like a fertile ground. If we do not put the seeds of work in it, then weed will grow. For this, we have to adopt auto-decoration or shelf-decoration so that waste waste does not flow in our mind. We ourselves are so capable that we can choose the thoughts that come in our sub-Koshas mind. Our sub-cohesive mind makes our thinking a reality. But to do this, we have to reach it by auto-automation. That is why it is said that your mind is always filled with positive thinking thoughts. And when we are unable to control it, then only we lose. Repeat every day what you want.

If you want to get rich then be prepared for it. Make this desire your habit. Then one day your habit will actually give you such opportunities, which will make your success a reality. Start thinking of yourself as a rich and successful person from today itself. The plan to reach your goal is within your sub-concessions, just practice auto-decoration so that your plan can come to you on its own.

Never give up in this effort. Understand that you are not going to get anything for free. A lot will have to be done to get something. So from today, start putting seeds of good positive things in the garden of your mind.

STEP – 4

Specialized Knowledge

The things we learn from school or general knowledge is useless if we cannot apply it in our life. It is not practical. If you have a specific interest, you can take trainings or short courses. In that way, you can gain specialized knowledge that you can already use or put into business.

Learning does not stop at school. Even if you have a family or a full-time job, you can still learn. Specialized knowledge is good because you can focus on what you really want to learn. You can improve on what you are really good at.

Employers hire not only based on credentials but also on personality. They are interested in how you interact with people and handle situations. A successful person may lack an education. But he cannot lack personality or ambition.

Remember that, “The person who stops studying merely because he has finishedschool is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”

STEP – 5 Imagination

A long time ago, there is an old country doctor who visited a drugstore. He told the young clerk about his old kettle and wooden paddle. The young clerk bought the kettle and paddle for $500. That amount was all of his savings.

The old doctor gave the young clerk a small piece of paper. There was a magic formula written in it. The old doctor was happy to leave with his $500. He can pay his debt and enjoy his freedom. The kettle, paddle and piece of paper had no value to him. The young clerk invested his life savings on his new possessions. He begin to mix the ingredients in the magic formula. What flowed in the old kettle is actually gold.

The old kettle has employed millions of people. It prospered the sugar industry. It turned the small city in the South to a business capital. The old kettle reached people across the world.

The mixture in the old kettle is Coca-Cola. The young clerk is Asa Candler. But the secret to Coca-Cola’s success is not in the piece of paper. It is in Asa Candler’s imagination.

Desire needs imagination so that it can be turned to reality. The obstacles that keep you from succeeding are only in your mind. Use your imagination.

Coca-Cola began with an idea. Everything we have today, like gadgets or social media, came from an idea. Many people wait for the big break in their life. But success is not about luck.

An idea must survive criticism, defeat, disappointment and discouragement. It must be partnered with desire, purpose, determination and persistence. You must give life to your idea. Then it will be strong enough against any challenges.

STEP – 6 Organized Planning

In order to succeed, one must have a definite plan. Surround yourself with people who will help you devise and carry out your plan. Remember that no man is an island.

It is natural to give people compensation or benefits in exchange for their cooperation. Meet the group as often as you can to make sure that the plan will be effective. To prevent failure, maintain a good working relationship within the group.

No one person can possess all the knowledge, experience and ability to achieve success. The cooperation and perfect harmony with others is needed. Before carrying out the plan, it must be approved by all members.

If the first plan fails, devise another one. If the plan fails again, do not give up until you find the one that works. Keep in mind that it took Thomas Edison ten thousand tries before he has created the perfect light bulb. He had to fail repeatedly to become the great inventor that he is.

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Those who quit lack the persistence to try again after failing. But the winners move on to a new plan. They keep on creating a new one until the plan succeeds.

Failure only means that there is something wrong with your plan and that you must change it. If Thomas Edison had quit after his first failure, we might not know him as we do today. Think of the failures you’ve had. What could you have done better? Form a new plan and keep planning to succeed.

STEP – 7 Decision

The Model T of Ford Motors was once dubbed as the world’s ugliest car. The advisors of Henry Ford told him to change the car’s design. But Ford was firm in his decision to keep manufacturing Model T. He changed the car’s design eventually. But before doing so, Model T has already gained him a huge fortune.

Henry Ford was known to make firm and quick decisions. It is one of the outstanding traits of successful men. Indecision only leads to poverty and failure. When you make decisions quickly, they can already be put into action. To procrastinate or to delay will only cost you money and opportunity.

Ford did not listen to the people who told him about the quality of Model T. That is because he had his own disposition. He trusted his idea and stood firm in his decision. Wealthy men make decisions fast but they change them slowly. This is because they are not easily influenced by the opinions of others.

“Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them.” It will not help you to listen to what other people say. The opinions of others are often meant to discourage and ridicule. That is even if they are from close relatives or friends.

Take the counsel only from your Master Mind group. They are people who are in “complete sympathy and harmony with your purpose.” You can choose the members of your trusted group. The power of the Master Mind will be discussed in the next chapters.

You have a brain of your own. If you have a burning desire to succeed, listen to your own voice. Making good decisions mean that you know what you want. “The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.” Successful men know what they want and they generally get it.

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